Eat Whole. Be Whole.


The Nourishing Fork is a vegetarian, gluten-free, organic culinary adventure company located in beautiful Kelowna, BC.


The Nourishing Fork is owned by Culinary Nutritionist, Mandy Bessie. Mandy creates fresh, gluten-free, plant-based meals that are locally sourced and crafted with love. We strive to support individuals and families to eat nutrient dense, vibrant meals while allowing them to regain valuable time to spend doing the things that bring them joy.


We help our clients to improve their quality of life without sacrificing health and nourishment for long-term sustainable change. Our food is sourced from the best suppliers possible, preferably from our own wild and beautiful garden. We are cultivating a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about food and the connections food provides to our community, the planet and ourselves. 

The Nourishing Fork is all about passion for life, for change in the world, for education that food can heal and that we need to not only start teaching our children where their food comes from but also how to grow and prepare it. It’s time we invested in our lives, in our health in our vibrancy and all the magic that comes from eating whole and being whole.